Gallagher Family History

We are fourth generation fishers on the North East coast of Ireland. Our story dates back to the early 1800s when Owen Gallagher married Mary Ann Connor. Together they had seven children; James, Patrick, William, Henry, Frank, Margaret and Mary. Patrick and William both emigrated to the United States whilst James, Henry and Frank stayed in Gyles Quay, Co. Louth.

Though James, Frank and Henry pursued careers as pilots at Dundalk Port, fishing was always a central part of their lives particularly lobster, herring and mackerel.

Frank then married Margaret Sheelan and together they had three sons; Owen, Frank and James. Frank emigrated to the United States whilst, Owen and James also became pilots at Dundalk Port. They too, continued the fishing traditions that had been passed down from their ancestors.

James’ son Oliver fished for 50 years before passing the reigns over to his son Ciaran who continues the tradition of fishing out of Gyles Quay to this very day. 

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